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The system of modular halls has been designed by employees of the research and development department for business entities interested in shortening the time required to build a structure and reduce construction costs. An advantage of the system – apart from the possibility to freely shape its length – is the simplicity of assembly resulting from repeatability of used elements and their small number. The structure consists of ready modules which allow building a structure with a length from 30.0 m to a length required by the Customer being a multiple of 6 m.

The height of the side wall is 4.5 m or 4.8 m depending on the length of the structure, and the roof incline is 13°. The suggested solution is intended for industrial purposes, in particular for storage and production purposes. The offered solution can be also widely used in agriculture and services. The hall structure consists of hot rolled profiles (the main load bearing elements) and cold rolled profiles (the structure for the hall housing). Covers made of trapezoidal sheets or sandwich panels as well as any doors, gates, gutters and all other accessories can be used within the structure.



Available widths of modular halls: 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 [m]
Lengths of modular halls: from 30 m to nearly any length, being a multiple of 6 m. Expansion joints every 150 m.
Height of side walls: 4.5 m for halls 12 m and 15 m wide, and 4.8 m for halls 18 m, 21 m and 24 m long.
Roof incline: 13 degrees.

Halls are constructed from 4 types of modules:

A1 – external module, closed
B1 – internal module, open
C1 – internal module, repeatable
D1 – internal module, bracing

Of the above modules it is possible to assemble a hall with a length from 30 m (modules B1 + C1 = A1) up to 60.0 m (modules B1 + 7 x C1 + A1). In the case of a hall the length of which will exceed 60.0 m, it is necessary to introduce an additional D1 bracing module; however, if the length of a hall exceeds 150.0 m, two additional A1 and B1 modules should be used.

CARODESIGNUninsulated walls
Within activities where a constant temperature is not required and the building will not be heated, we recommend using the system with the cover made of trapezoidal sheets in any color. This solution takes into account an option of additional insulation of the building at any time of its use.

CARODESIGNWalls made of sandwich panels
When our expectations require application of a system of solutions guaranteeing modern aesthetics, fulfillment of high insulation parameters and fire protection, we recommend a solution using high quality sandwich panels.

Within complex provision of services, we deliver and assemble all equipment indicated by the Customer, i.e. a broad range of industrial gates and doors, windows and lighting. Additionally, our offer includes assembly of a roof access ladder, smoke dampers, and mezzanines.

CARODESIGNFacade colors
We offer various colors of facades based on our color sheet or upon request we provide covers in any colors.

CARODESIGNAttractive implementation costs
Halls wider than 18 m constitute the lightest structure based on hot rolled profiles.

CARODESIGNQuick assembly
All elements are connected with screws, which facilitates and speeds up assembly and excludes the use of additional specialized tools. Assembly requires the use of a crane.

CARODESIGNEase of arrangement
The system of modular halls provides great freedom in the arrangement of the interior as well as positioning of gates, doors and windows.

CARODESIGNDurability and aesthetics
All construction elements are protected with a specialist industrial coating in any color. Upon special request the structure can be protected by using hot dip galvanizing. If needed, the structure can be disassembled and located in any place.

CARODESIGNHigh quality
We implement deliveries to the investment location and full assembly. We have all the necessary equipment (means of transport, cranes, lifts) for complex service of large investments. Within our business activities we have a complex offer involving construction of halls based on steel structures.

CARODESIGNIdeal space for your business
Quickly. High quality. Individual solutions.